Ama is an absolutely delightful, snuggly dog who is loyal and loving.

Ama was found pregnant on the streets of London after a brief fling with a Rottweiler. We took her in just in time for her to have 8 puppies in the safety of the sanctuary.

Ama has been adopted twice since then the last time to a friend of the Rescue, where she lived her ideal life with lots of attention and long, long walks.  Sadly though her new owner became too ill to care for her and asked us to take her back.  Since that time Ama has been in a foster home, where she is very much loved.  However this arrangement must now come to an end and we are once again looking for a home for her.

Her foster mum wrote this about her

Ama is a beautiful 8 year old lady with lots of love and energy. She is happiest in the company of her human companion. Ama loves to go for a ride in the car and take in her surroundings. She is comfortable being left for short periods of time and gives a warm greeting on your return, she may even do a little dance for you. Ama needs to be in an adult only home with no other pets. She loves to have human company and cuddles and would be happy with someone who is home the majority of the time or even better if she can accompany her companion wherever they go. Ama struggles with some external obstacles such as motorbikes and bicycles. You will also need to protect your post/deliveries as she likes to check the packages thoroughly if she gets there before you 😂 x

Ama has had a bad ear infection and will need to be on apoquel for the rest of her life to prevent a reoccurrence.

If you are interested in adopting this beautiful girl please click the link below and fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.