Available at the start of August after they have had their first jab

Myrtle- black with a little white, is such a loving kitten! She loves people and will follow you everywhere and loves to sit on your knee and be stroked. She is also extremely inquisitive and loves exploring and trying new things! Particularly likes to climb up legs or chase after fingers if in a playful mood.

Dumbledore- Black and white, is a very playful male kitten. He is more cautious towards people than his other siblings and absolutely adores play fighting with his brother Snape. An all-round energetic cat.

Snape- Black with the largest amount of white of the group, is also an extremely playful male kitten who is still hesitant around people but once you spend time with him he warms up and likes to be played with.

Hagrid- Mostly black, is a friendly, male kitten who is quite calm and inquisitive. He likes to explore and can be quite playful at times, but you’ll often find him laying out in a corner sleeping.

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